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StormHeavenFrontA Call by Cardinal Raymond Burke. Click on the image for more information.
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The Year of Mercy is here!

The Year of Mercy is here!

This is the YEAR OF MERCY! Jubiliation! But what does this mean?  Visit the TRUTH tab to find out more.


Please Pray and Fast for our country as she begins her downward spiral into moral relativism denying God’s place within a country dedicated to Him. For we cannot cast out this demon but by prayer and fasting, see Mark 9:29 (Mk 9:14-19 for the full account).

The purpose of this site:

A quick and easy access to resources concerning the Catholic Faith and Prayer.

More will be added as time goes on and resources and information become available.

Please DO NOT send us your prayer intentions. Instead, visit our “Prayers & Intercessions” tab and click on any of the links to place your prayer intentions with communities and sites specifically made for that purpose.

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