B *S* H* R*…

I bet you said, “Huh?! What’s that?”

Bible Studies and Home retreats! This is the page with GREAT Catholic Bible Studies and Amazing Home Retreats!  Mind you, it is a work in progress. 🙂

If you have any suggestions fell free to suggest them on our SUGGESTIONS page.

Coming Soon – If you’re interested in the End Times and what the Church teaches concerning John’s Apocalypse (aka Revelation) then this study is for YOU! It’s timely, relevant, and will surprise you to no end. 🙂

33 Days to Morning Glory – A Home retreat by Fr. Michael Gaitley. This complete 33 Days takes the participant(s) on a journey into the person of the Mother of God and how coming closer to her always brings us closer to her Son, Jesus! Come and see when the next cycle starts.

12 Day Prep with a 9 Day Novena to the Holy Spirit – To prepare for the celebration of Pentecost (and guess what? There is no gift of tongues found here. See what St. Paul said to the Corinthians: 1Cor 14).

Divine Mercy Sunday Parish Retreat/Mission – Courtesy of The Apostles of Divine Mercy (Second Sunday of Easter)

Pray the Divine Mercy ChapletCourtesy of the Marian Fathers

More Studies and Home Retreats coming…